Africa50 - a partner of choice for infrastructure developers and investors in Africa

Africa50's core value proposition provides:

  • Close relationships with African government shareholders and the AfDB, which are critically important in the infrastructure development and financing process.
  • Jurisdiction-specific risk mitigation through high-level public sector engagement.
  • Preferential access to deal-flow generated from project development activities and through ongoing dialogue with its government shareholders.
  • An experienced investment team with a demonstrated track record of deal making.
  • Access to competitive finance, including long-term debt from the AfDB and DFI community, as well as existing concessional funding.
  • International best-practice environmental, social and governance standards.

How To Work With Africa50

If you are a project developer or investor interested in working with Africa50, then please get in touch via the website here or directly through personal contacts at Africa50.

To be eligible for Africa50 funding, a project should meet several criteria. It should:

  • Be predominantly private sector or undertaken under a public private partnership framework (PPP).
  • Be mid-to-large scale, generally with a project value over $100 million. Smaller projects may be considered exceptionally on a case-by-case basis.
  • Relate to Africa50’s focus sectors:
    1) Power (generation, transmission and distribution) 
    2) Transport (roads, airports and ports)
    3) Water (production, distribution and waste management)
    4) Gas (midstream, downstream)
    5) ICT
    Other infrastructure sectors may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Be technically and financially sound.
  • Be supported by reputable partners with the relevant track record.
  • Benefit the local economy.
  • Meet world class environmental, social, and governance standards.

A project may be of interest even if it does not comply with all of the above criteria, as long as it is a good early or later stage investment opportunity.

A preliminary development or investment proposal should, among other things, include a brief description of the project, the project’s development status, and the amount of financing already available, as well as information on the track-record of the developer and other partners and financiers. Be advised that Africa50 only takes strategic minority stakes in projects, principally equity or quasi-equity. Potential developers need to demonstrate that they also have other sources of funding. 

After initial contact and review, Africa50 may request additional information to determine whether to partner on the project.

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Africa is simply tired of being in the dark. It is time to take decisive action and turn around this narrative: to light up and power Africa – and accelerate the pace of economic transformation, unlock the potential of businesses, and drive much needed industrialization to create jobs.

Dr Akinwumi Adesina, Chairman the Board of Directors of Africa50 and President of the African Development Bank Group

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