• Volobe seeks to provide reliable and affordable electricity access to over two million Malagasy, thereby contributing to the country’s transition towards renewable energy.
  • When operational, the project is expected to increase the country’s electricity generation capacity by approximately 20%.
  • The plant will displace expensive and polluting diesel generation, resulting in cost savings of more than 50% for the utility. Potential cost savings for Jirama (Malagasy state-owned utility company) to be derived through the substitution of the energy source is expected to be around 100 million Euros per year (the size of Jirama’s current deficit).


  • The plant will help satisfy base loads, facilitating the integration of intermittent renewable power into the country’s network.
  • The environmental and social impacts of the project are limited for a project of this nature.


  • The project is expected to create up to 1,000 direct jobs during construction.

Rôle de Africa50

Africa50 a acquis 25% du capital de la Compagnie Générale d’Hydroélectricité de Volobe (CGHV), chef de projet.

Les partenaires

L'actionnariat de CGHV comprend Africa50, Jovena (groupe Axian), SN Power et Colas.