Bringing project development and financing together in one institution, Africa50 seeks to provide support at every stage of the project cycle.

Our Strategic Pillars


Africa50 Project Development

Develops a pipeline of investment-ready projects

Africa50 Project Finance

Invests equity and quasi-equity alongside strategic partners

Africa50 mobilizes

public and private sector funding from within and outside Africa

Africa50-Project Development

The primary objective of Africa50-Project Development is to increase the number of investment-ready, bankable infrastructure projects. In addition to providing equity financing at earlier stages of projects, Africa50’s staff actively contributes to project development, engaging with stakeholders throughout the deal cycle, with a particular focus on mobilizing government support. Africa50 works to overcome obstacles to moving projects to financial close and to mitigate risk by innovative structuring and financial appraisal. With the equity financing it provides, Africa50 can work with the project to complete necessary project development activities, including feasibility studies, permits and approvals and contract negotiation.


    • Develop infrastructure projects in shareholder and non-shareholder African countries where there is an opportunity to catalyse bankable investments and development impact and ensure alignment between the project and the country’s development priorities.
    • Leverage government support to lessen implementation risks and delays.
    • Engage as an active minority sponsor with strong developers and technical partners to increase the likelihood of effective and efficient project execution.

    • Work with other institutions, notably the African Development Bank, for project preparation, guarantees, concessional and commercial funding, transaction support, and public-sector funding.


    • Model: Venture capital – funding early-stage risk with the expectation of a return and the right to invest equity at financial close.
      Investment ticket size per project: $1-9 million

    Africa50-Project Finance

    Sourcing projects through Africa50-Project Development and other partners, Africa50-Project Finance follows a private equity model, investing equity and quasi-equity at or after financial close. Returns are differentiated based on risk and impact. Africa50-Project Finance may also invest in and sponsor private sector funds to mobilize institutional investor capital.

    Africa50-Project Development and Africa50-Project Finance balance profitability and developmental impact, targeting return on investment on a portfolio basis to ensure sustainability. Africa50 leverages shareholders countries’ capital commitment to mobilize long-term savings from within and outside Africa to fund infrastructure on the continent.


      • Invest equity and quasi-equity in private and PPP infrastructure transactions
      • Seek attractive risk-adjusted returns while having a development impact.
      • Source projects externally and through Africa50-Project Development.
      • Seek an influential role in the investee companies and create value by exercising this role.
      • Catalyse external capital from other commercial investors and institutions to mobilize long-term savings.


      • Model: Private equity investment in infrastructure
      • Investment ticket size per project: $20-80 million
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