Our organisational structure

Africa50 seeks to ensure the independence and quality of its investments through strong governance, management, and legal structures. Each of Africa50 – Project Development and Africa50 – Project Finance have the following structure.

Board responsibility and board committees

The Board of Directors

The Boards determine the strategic directions of the businesses and ensure their implementation. The Boards’ other authorities and responsibilities are defined in the Articles of Association; Project Development and Project Finance.

Structure and Composition

Directors are nominated by the Boards and appointed by the Shareholders at the General Shareholders Meetings.


Each Board consists of twelve Directors. 

All Directors are required to have relevant knowledge, skills, experience, and independence of mind to fulfill their responsibilities on the Board, have a record of integrity and good repute, and have sufficient time to fully carry out their responsibilities.

At least half of the Directors must be independent directors.  Independent directors must have advanced expertise in development finance, infrastructure investment, an Africa50 priority sector and/or environmental, social, and governance matters. 

The Boards established Committees to increase efficiency and allow deeper focus in specific areas in accordance with the Articles of Association. Each Committee primarily acts as an advisor to the Boards. There are currently four Committees:

  • Audit Committee
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Finance Committee
  • Governance, Ethics, Nominations, and Compensation Committee
  • Strategy, Budget, Sustainability, Environmental, and Social Committee

The Board approves, reviews, and updates regularly or whenever there are significant changes therein, the respective terms of reference of each committee that sets out its mandate, scope and working procedures. The Board may from time to time, establish or maintain additional committees as deemed appropriate.

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Our ESG Standards and Development Impact

By investing in infrastructure, Africa50 aims to promote sustainable economic growth and job creation and to improve the lives of people on the continent, while preserving natural resources for future generations and creating value for shareholders. We believe that a strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) proposition creates value by laying the foundation for sustainable investing, continued government and community support, and access to investment capital and world-class partners, which will better position Africa50 for long-term profitability and impact.

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Investment Decision-making Structure

Prospective deals that Africa50 - Project Development or Africa50 - Project Finance wish to pursue are presented by the relevant investment teams, under the leadership of their respective Managing Directors, to the Investment Committee of Africa50 – Project Development or Africa50 – Project Finance, respectively, for approval.

After an initial Investment Committee approval at concept stage, the teams carry out detailed analysis, consultations, due diligence missions, and deal structuring, before requesting final approval to invest from their respective Investment Committees. The Investment Committees are made up of Africa50’s CEO (who chairs the committee) and external independent experts (two of whom are Africa50 independent Board members), with extensive investment expertise in the priority sectors of Africa50. The Investment Committee members are recruited globally, chosen by the CEO, and presented to the Boards of Directors for approval. The Chair of the Investment Committee reports to the Board on the committee’s activities, but the Investment Committee is not a committee of the Board.