Vision Statement

By 2030 Africa50 is a leading infrastructure investment platform with all African governments as shareholders. It accelerates delivery of critical private projects and Public Private Partnerships and mobilizes significant capital globally. In doing so, it positively impacts the lives of millions of Africans. Africa50 is the partner of choice for governments and private investors and attracts distinguished and talented professionals who are passionate about making a difference on the continent.

Our Values

We are passionate about Making a Difference

We demonstrate our passion for Africa’s development in our speech and actions. We defend the interests of our clients, stakeholders and shareholders, intending to leave things better than we found them.

We strive for High Performance

We take initiative to achieve and go beyond our corporate objectives, intending that our actions contribute to increasing Africa50’s profitability and development impact. We champion innovative processes and best practices to enhance the speed of execution and efficiency, leveraging the complimentary skills of our colleagues.

We value Teamwork and Diversity

We prioritize team success and empower our colleagues through knowledge sharing and delegation. We share the workload and go beyond our responsibilities when needed, taking ownership and responsibility of our projects and actions. We celebrate diversity and promote cultural sensitivity and empathy.

We are committed to Continuous Learning and Growth

We display intellectual curiosity to understand our role and markets. We foster effective communication and information sharing. We maximize our capabilities by developing our skills and those of our colleagues.

We continuously seek to Demonstrate Stewardship

We serve our shareholders and stakeholders with passion and care, deploying our resources in the most efficient and impactful manner. We seek to demonstrate impeccable character through ethical and prudent decision-making. We speak out and dare to question inappropriate practices.