A platform that seeks to raise $500m of blended finance capital and leverage the track-record, capabilities and convening power of its members to prepare, develop and finance a transformative pipeline of green infrastructure projects in Africa. In addition, it will catalyze $10 billion of private investments in green infrastructure, with the aim to accelerate Africa’s just and equitable transition to Net-Zero.

AGIA is uniquely positioned as a bridge between the Global South and North in accelerating climate action by delivering climate resilient infrastructure in Africa, critical for the economic development of the continent through scaling up project development in Africa.


There is a clear need for a dedicated mechanism that mobilises capital, partners with experienced, Africa-based experts, enhances global investor and donor participation and ensures alignment between project preparation, development and financing. AGIA will uniquely and successfully combine these approaches and contribute towards making a significant difference in achieving climate resilience for Africa.

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