Morocco and Tunisia

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The platform operates 16 campuses that caters to different market segments through its various group of schools such as El Yassamine and Al Jabr in Morocco, and ISC in Tunisia. Holged has built a reputation for excellence, with high- quality teaching and serving more than 16,000 students in its 16 campuses across Morocco and Tunisia.



  • In providing quality education to its students, Holged supplements the efforts of governments across multiple geographies to improve access to quality education.
  • Holged helps to foster social mobility by providing access to quality education to different income segments at affordable tuition rates.


  • As part of the operations, Holged is committed to implementing the best E&S practices in terms of teacher/student safety and well-being, resource efficiency, waste management, etc., and is continuously monitoring and improving its environmental performance.


  • Approximately 1,000 full time teachers and 800 support staff have been employed.

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