expected university graduates

$ 150 m

expected in ICT exports

50 k

jobs expected to be created

Kigali, Rwanda

Africa50-Project Development

Africa50 is co-sponsoring the project with the Rwanda Development Board, and the total cost of the project should be approximately US$300 million. The government of Rwanda has agreed to provide the shared infrastructure and the incentives that would enable the ecosystem to thrive. Africa50 will structure the project as a PPP together with a strategic sponsor (to be selected). Other investors could join at a later stage.



  • KIC is expected to generate US$150 million in ICT exports annually.
  • KIC should attract over US$300 million in foreign direct investments.


  • The project will incorporate international and local green and sustainable design guidelines. It will efficiently manage water through the development of a wastewater treatment plant.
  • It will also include adequate green spaces which help prevent atmospheric damage and excessive heating.


  • KIC is projected to create over 50,000 jobs upon its completion.
  • Over 2,600 students are expected to graduate annually from its universities over 30 years, adding to Rwanda’s and Africa’s pool of tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

Africa50's Role

Act as project development/finance and equity partner.