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Africa50’s has invested into Scanning Systems, a company specialized in the design, financing, and implementation of One-Stop Joint Border Posts (JBPs) in Africa. The investment will support Scanning Systems to develop JBPs and deliver efficient border management with modern facilities and tools, facilitate transit and increase traffic across the borders of Africa.

Over the past years, Scanning Systems has become the preferred partner of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) for the implementation of JBPs among its Member States. The company has been successfully operating the Cinkansé JBP between Burkina Faso and Togo for 10 years and is constructing two additional JBPs in Zégoua (Côte d'Ivoire-Mali border) and Laléraba (Burkina Faso-Côte d'Ivoire border).



  • In facilitating transport and transit through the JBPs and the increase of local, regional and national revenues through improved taxes and customs revenue collection;
  • In creating an environment for efficient border management through the construction of appropriate border facilities and the provision of operational tools, to facilitate and involve simplification of customs and border crossing procedures;
  • In enhancing business opportunities and stimulating the local economy.



  • Africa 50 will support the platform as it grows with the implementation of new JBPs, to develop a high standard ESG corporate culture and management systems with adequate resources. A50 will implement an action plan to address gaps and convert opportunities for value creation and development impact.


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