Félicité Célestine Omporo Enouany


Félicité Célestine Omporo Enouany

Ms. Omporo Enouany Félicité Celestine is a senior administrative and financial services administrator in the Republic of Congo, with more than thirty (30) years of experience in public finance and project management. 

She currently holds the position of Adviser for Economic, International Financial Relations with the Minister of State, Minister of Finance,  Economy, Industry and Public Portfolio.  Prior to that, she was first adviser for international financial relations with the Minister of State, Minister in charge of Finance.  She is a member of the Monetary Policy Committee and the National Credit Council at the Bank of the States of Central Africa. 

Ms. Omporo Enouany Félicité Célestine also has been a member of the board of directors of banks of which the Republic of Congo is a shareholder. She also has held the position of alternate Director at the African Development Bank.  A seasoned executive with The Congolese Depreciation Fund, she took part in several negotiations of the Republic of Congo's public debt with bilateral, multilateral and private donors. 

Madame Omporo is currently a member of the Monetary and Financial Committee of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) and a member of the National Economic and Financial Committee of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC); 

Ms. Omporo holds a Diploma of Advanced Studies Specialized in Banking from Conservatoire National des Arts et des Métiers Paris – France, she has a Master's degree in Economics from University of Aix Marseille II – Aix en Provence, a Diploma in Treasury from L’Ecole Normale d’Administration et de la Magistrature de Brazzaville and a Bachelor's degree in Business Law from Marien Gouabi Univresity.