Webinar Event: Africa50 CEO to speak in session organized by the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Infrastructure, on Unsolicited Proposals: Accelerating Innovative Infrastructure


Tuesday 28 July 2020

14:00pm GMT+1 – Casablanca Time

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As governments turn to address the long-term implications of the post-COVID 19 economic crisis, many of them will look to infrastructure development to boost their economies. However, traditional contract bidding processes can be time-consuming, expensive, inefficient and discourage innovation.

The WEF Global Future Council on Infrastructure, which Mr. Alain Ebobissé, Africa50 CEO is a member of, recently published "A Call for Infrastructure Development through Unsolicited Proposals", where members discuss how unsolicited proposals can be used to accelerate the development of infrastructure, and introduce new innovations into the process.

During this virtual session, the speakers will explore the findings in the publication and discuss how to best utilize unsolicited proposals as part of a broader infrastructure development strategy. Mr. Ebobissé will be joined by Usha Rao-Monari, Senior Advisor Blackstone GroupClemente del Valle, Director Center for Sustainable Finance, Universidad de los Andes, Rashad-Rudolf Kaldany, Chief Investment Officer, Blue like an Orange Capital and Richard Threlfal, Global Head Infrastructure, KPMG.

To join the session, please register here



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